High-Grade Cricket Bats for Australia

Play at your very best. Sports Blue offers an exceptional selection of quality cricket bats for sale, helping everyone from kids looking to get some practice in to adults competing at professional level find the right piece of equipment for them. Having the right bat is almost as important to a team as having the rights batman – it should be made from a tough, shock-resistant wood that can stand up to the battering that a leather cricket ball can deliver – a properly knocked in English Willow bat from Sports Blue will deliver season after season of sixes.

Cricket is something that brings Australians from every walk of life together, so it’s important to our company that more people in more places can access the very best in the industry. We keep our prices competitive, so everyone can get the gear they need to play to their full potential. Browse our collection today and find something for you.

Suiting athletes at every level

We offer four grades of bat to suit everyone from the keen amateur to the semi-professional player. As they’re made from a single piece of timber, each bat will have its own unique characteristics. To help individual players find the right bat for them, each bat is graded based on the number and width of the grains in the timber, with Grade 1+ having the most grains and Grade 3 having the least. The more grains, the softer the wood, so a Grade 1+ bat will deliver exceptional performance but will need to be retired sooner than a Grade 3.

Whether you’re looking for your first bat for school sports or you’re a professional who only steps up to the wicket with the very best, you’re sure to find something here to suit you. Complete your kit with the range of batting pads and cricket gloves in our store.

Every sport covered

Sports Blue makes it simple to get the equipment you need to play at your very best. Whatever you play, our shop has high-quality gear at an affordable price to suit you. Order today, or get in touch with our customer service team and get the answers you need to make the right choice.

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Sports Blue Cricket Bat – EW (Grade 3) – Force 3



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Sports Blue Cricket Bat -EW (Grade 1) Player’s force




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